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Relevant Tips for Writing Academically

The following points can be highlighted as relevant tips. The presentation should have no more than fifteen slides. If you do more, then the presentation will come out lengthy, with a lot of unnecessary information. In a smaller quantity, it may not be possible to fit all the required material. Therefore, in this case is the optimal option.

As a general rule, the start slide should be the same as the end slide. It usually indicates the name of the university, the topic of the graduate study, the full name of the fifth-year student, as well as his supervisor, the name of the student's specialty, year, place of writing. Such a ring composition when creating a presentation is necessary so that the commission initially has the opportunity to familiarize itself with the topic of the scientific work presented to it. The final slide helps to remember the information shown at the beginning, as well as to address the student by name and patronymic.

The background of the slides should be calm, so as not to focus too much attention on yourself. This is also done so that the term paper writing service commission does not have problems when reading. In this case, a dark font on a light background will look almost perfect. The font for the text should be approximately 28 points. For headings, it is best to use the 36th size. This is done so that the text is clearly visible and also readable without any problems.

So that you can read the speech at the same time as the presentation is shown, set it to automatic playback mode with a predetermined time interval. After compiling the presentation, it must be checked for errors. It is worth remembering that with a large font size, all typos and inaccuracies will be very clearly visible. Therefore, it is worth writing as competently as possible.

The text of the presentation should correspond to the report itself. If this requirement is not met, then it is unlikely that the graduate will be able to get a good mark for the defense. The text on the slides should be evenly spaced, as too much information can overload the presentation. Also, the general structure of the presentation should match the structure of the thesis.

After the introductory slide at the very beginning, it is worth pointing out the relevance of scientific research. It can be copied from the text of the introductory part of the work or once again formulated independently.


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