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    Hi Guys

    I'm on the verge of throwing my new Profilux 3.1nEx into the pool. Its a great bit of kit but setting it up is like starting a jigsaw puzzle from the middle piece, i guess the more you do the easier it gets.

    However I cannot get email alerts / sitreps to work. I have finally managed to access the profilux remotely, I can even access using the iPad app locally and remotely, but the email is baffling me.

    I've created a gmail account ( free ) a gmail account ( paid ) & a yahoo account ( free ). I've even tried my two work email address and my three apple email address. There aren't may fields to fill in so surely it can't be that difficult?

    Is there someone out there who can private message me and assist ? i'd really appreciate it.



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    The reason thats not working is your email provider. It´s not possible to use a provider who forces encrypted connections (like Google do).
    If a SSL connection is mandatory, the Profilux is not able to transfer the mails, so this provider can´t be used.

    Unfortunately most freemail services only allow encripted connect to reduce/prevent spam. I for myself use my own mailserver (part of a website) to prevent problems with freemail services.

    If you tell us, where you located, another user may have a tip which email provider you can use.
    A hint is the SMTP port: If it´s not 25 but 587 or 465 you can´t use this service due it awaits an encrypted connection.

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    Hi Gunther

    I'm based in Phuket, Thailand.

    I've created a free gmail account, a paid for gmail account, a free yahoo account & have tried using my work email address and my apple email address.

    If you have any suggestions of a known email provider that does work, paid or unpaid, please do share with me.



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    We just uploaded Firmware 6.04 and ProfiLuxControl

    With this ProfiLux is able to send encrypted Emails. I think it is worth a try.
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