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    I'm not sure where to post this, so if anyone can redirect it I'll be grateful.

    I have a new Profilux 3.1nEx with two power bars and a slave doser. I've assigned the two power bars by going into the system menu, configure PAB, assign device & checked the two PB numbers. I have a PAB cable connected from the P3 to the first power bar and a PAB cable connecting the first PAB cable to the second.

    Then I connect my macbook to the profilux via the Profilux control download. In the socket function page I assign the switches accordingly. Here lay the problem:

    I have a reactor plugged into the first socket ( socket 1 ). This should be on 24/7 so I opted for the " always on " tab and save it. It turns on the reactor but it also turns on the 1st pump on the slave doser and the first socket on the second power bar. Its the same when I assign socket 2, socket 3 and socket 4 ... they turn on the equipment AND the corresponding pump on the slave doser / switch on the second power bar.

    I'd really appreciate some help on this ..



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    No support or warranty issues over PM! Please send PMs to the moderators only if you have general problems with using the forum! Thanks for helping us to keep the support efficient.
    Kein Support oder Reklamationsabwicklung über PM! Bitte senden Sie an die Moderatoren nur PMs bei allgemeinen Problemen mit der Verwendung des Forums! Danke dass Sie uns dabei helfen, den Support effektiv zu gestalten.

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