Sorry everyone its taken so long to get this up, we have been totally swamped since getting back to based dealing with the huge amount of interest and orders that Macna produced.

Photos at bottom of write up

This year we had the best support and Booth GHL has ever had at any show, the focus was dominated by the eye level 6' display tank that was home to over 50 Anthias and as many Chromis combined with The Fish Stores massive amount of coral they brought with them the Mitras had the best home possible to show off its talents. and show off it did.

The feedback was enormous, some comments
"The mitras is the only lamp I have seen that does exactly what an LED should do"
"Daddy that doser is the best doser in the world, one day I will own one" (that as a parent hit home hard )

The mitras shone on many fronts, its coverage was clear for all to see, we put 3 units on the 6' tank simply to display its amazing effects such as rolling clouds, but everyone could see that 2 units are within spec and in line with the independent test results by Dr Joshi rating them at 36x36 of course that is with no colour seperaration or disco ball effect.

It was interesting to explain to many people the qualities of the Mitras especially one component that is often forgotten that really does make the unit stand out. That is LDT (linear Dimming technology) many people that saw the Mitras were blown away with its amazing dimming curves how smooth they are, this is apparent more when you simulate cloud cover or more so rolling cloud cover. The Mitras turns the digital signal all LED units work on into a smooth analogue signal so you see absolute no step down in the dimming curve very notable on LED's especially at lower light levels. The mitras smooths this out so you have a perfect curve when dimming or ramping up making effects like cloud cover seemless. Its these factors that Mitras owners are paying for.

Back to the booth itself, we were constantly being told the booth stood out, it could be seen from all angles and really put GHL on the map.

So where next?
Well we have Reefapalooza in April then Macna in Denver, it is also an interzoo year next year so expect many new things I am sure to come to us all in 2014.

New dealers and expanded dealers
we have a catalogue of new store front dealers to add to our client list from Macna, and The Fish Store has just expanded its online business check out it still needs some work but Chris has assured us it will be fully up and running by Tuesday.

A strong shout out to Chris The Fish Store Florida.
Without Chris and his insane drive for perfection (and working until 4.30am on Friday) the show would only have been half what it was, Chris brought to us I believe the best show tank and a booth full of high end corals. So I hope you all support him as he did us. The Fish Store will also be helping us with Reefa and Macna next year, they were the first to step up and ask, so it was an easy choice.

A Massive thank you to my Canadian dealers
A special mention to Derek and his friend Kevin from Dereks Reef shop. They both worked tirelessly to help us bring the booth together then just through sheer kindness continued to work at the booth helping demonstrate the products. The booth was constantly busy and this helped so much in reaching out to as many people as possible. Dereks store link It was also a pleasure to meet up with some of our other key dealers also from Canada. Colby from Bayside corals and Michael from Pisces Pets to name just a few.

So enough of me and onto the photos.

Many thanks to everyone that made GHL Macna 2013 the best show to date!