Inappropriate behaviour won't be tolerated anymore!

The mods are increasingly dealing with inappropriate behaviour in this forum. We also receive many complaints about the behaviour of other users.
This includes aggressive and hostile posts, pointless comments, polemics, complaints about moderation and a general lack of respect for other users and moderators.
This bad behaviour of some users is not acceptable.
Our forum has been created to help users with GHL products in a friendly and familiar atmosphere. The use (and moderation) of this forum should make fun.
So we have decided to introduce a 3-violation-policy from now on.
These violations will be issued as infractions for any behaviour which contravenes the forum rules.

The new policy will work as follows:

  • violation one -> warning
  • violation two -> two week ban
  • violation three -> permanent ban

According to the severity of the violation a ban can be issued also earlier.

Every decision of the mod-team about a warning or ban will be final, the mods will not negotiate about this.
Posted complaints about moderation will not be tolerated and will be handled as a further violation of the rules.

This policy is with immediate effect.