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Thread: Level Sensor Question about Overflow Protection

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    Default Level Sensor Question about Overflow Protection

    I currently set up my ATO successfully using ATO Min Max. However, I would also like to add overflow protection to prevent an overflow in my sump if power goes out. I have tested my sump and it had enough room to hold the water from the display tank in power failure but I want a backup in case the sump water level is higher than expected before the power goes out.

    Currently I have sensor 1 as the min sensor and sensor 2 as the max sensor. I would like to add the ability to turn on a small pump in my sump to drain water in case of overflow situation (water detected at sensor 2). I have not found a way to solve my problem using any of the included ATO or AWC settings. Is there a way to access the state of the level sensors directly instead of using the level control operational modes? I.e. if I could access them in the programmable logic menu then I wouldn't have a problem because I could easily alter the state of a switch based on programmable logic and the sensor values. Or is there a way to do an ATO but invert the logic from the level sensor?

    I can get it to turn on a drain pump if I add another ATO control circuit using sensor 2 and then invert the switching behavior of a socket based on the fill water (ATO only). However, that is not a desired solution because it always generates an alarm due to the level 2 sensor not detecting water after 1 minute.

    An option would be to not fill up my sump higher than the mark at which it will overflow if the power goes out but I want a backup option because I travel a lot and my wife takes care of my tank when I am gone.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Hey mate there is a easier way where You have a ATO set at a level and how long it will run for and if it runs pass that time the alarm will go off and over right it and shut it down, then u have to manually restet it That how I have mine never had one problem. I Also have a float for high water levels so if the water is to high it shuts off the skimmer it works great.
    You can set it up so it shut off more things to but i never had floods yet


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