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    So here it is, a set up guide for email based on Microsoft Outloook, however I don't see any reasons why this would not transfer across to other email clients. I will make notes of what I feel could be the snags as I write.

    1. Port - This should match your outgoing mail server port for example Port 25 (your port is found in your Outlook email settings - More settings - Advanced

    2. Domain mail server - this is your SMTP OUTGOING MAIL SERVER, not your incoming, so for example in my system I have an incoming mail server from my host and my outgoing is through Rogers.com so as you are sending mail it goes through your outgoing.

    3. email address - this is the email address of your account

    4. Authentication - In the advanced tab in outlook set up you can see if your outgoing account needs authentication, typically it does.

    5. username and password - This again is the username and password set for your outgoing server, enter accordingly.

    Once done press save

    Now you can enter your first email notification, try this -

    To - Your email address
    Subject - Current active values of probes

    in the text field copy this code

    If you have less than 4 sensor set REPS value to the number you have.

    set mailing conditions to always and cyclic

    set interval to 1 hour (as a test)

    press save

    Press save to upload settings to profiLux

    Highlight the new email line you have just made

    Press test.

    Give it a few minutes the first time you set this up your outgoing server may take a while to respond, it does get fast after about an hour. This could be dependent on your outgoing server supplier.

    You should get an email with your sensor values if you set everything up as above. Please check your junk folder also.

    My settings are based on Outlook 2010 and my outgoing mail server being rogers.com settings will vary depending on your outgoing server and version of Outlook.

    As for websmail such as gmail and others, providing you have the outgoing server details in full including the port I do not see the issue where it will not work, however I have not tried so can not offer support on set up for webmail at this time
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