This is my new tank set up,
It's running now 5 weeks and almost my last algae is gone.
I run the system as follow.

Aquarium 120x80x60
Sump 2trap 110x70x40
ATI 250 IS powercone skimmer.
Phosban reactor with brightwell phosphate killer.
Skimz fluid reactor with NP bio pellets.
New jet 3500 return pump.
ATI sunpower dim. 8x54W lightning
BBM reactor standby for carbon or other media when needed.
Resun 300 chiller
JB heater
Tunze 6085 Turbelle and 6065 main tank
Helix 11w UV-C only running when needed
AM ozonisator only running when needed
Koralia streamer in sump.
In planning a Shuran pico 2 calcium reactor.

Sub tank 40 liter running on same system
koralia streamer nano
Aquabeam return pump

Controlling system.

Profilux 3 EX
Simu light
4 head dosing unit
Tough screen
Level and measurement sensors