I'm helping a client with his new ProfiLux system (converting over from an APEX system) and he's having an issue with his AI's and how they behave in Storm mode. Below is the conversation from start to now

I am not impressed with the AI's in the storm mode. if I add 1 or 2 of the PL-0373 with my AI Sol Blues, in the thunderstorm mode will the AI's dim and not flash? With the 3 channels, If I check thunderstorm they dim and flash, and if left unchecked they don't dim.
you can set you Ai's to not flash yes, just make sure dimmable option is still ticked in the illumination channel. Dimming is a separated command line from storm mode so one will work without the other.
When I do this with the 3 separate channels Royal, white and blue...all 3 with dimmable checked and only 1 set to thunderstorm...only the 1 that is set to thunderstorm dims during a thunderstorm. Either I'm doing something wrong, or it works differently with the simu-l?

Anyone have any suggestions?