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Thema: Alarm Reset??

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    Standard Alarm Reset??

    Ok I had a short power outage and when the power came back on there was an alarm on my profilux. The Temp. display on the controller it self reads ***.

    I assume that it has something to due with that, but still not sure how to reset it.

    I also control everything via the controller itself. When I try to change a setting it will no longer allow mw to select (yes). I can move over to it to select it but once I press enter nothing happens. (No) is the only option that works. Do this have something to do with the alarm?

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    I am not sure if I understood you correctly

    You mean that you can choose "yes" or "no" with arrow left and right but only if you selected "no" a Return is accepetd?
    What happens if you select "yes" and press Return exactly? Do you have to reboot or can you just select "no" afterwards and press Return and the program continues?
    In which menu does this happen?
    What about the alarm? Constantly on?
    Did you try a reboot?
    All probes connected correctly?
    Firmware version?

    BTW: An alarm for a short while after a reboot is normal - this is the time the probes need to get stable values again. This alarm should disappear after 1-2 minutes.

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    The yes bottom works now.

    The alarm has been on for 4 days now and is flashing.

    I have rebooted the controller and still the same.

    All probes are connected correctly. I have checked a few times.

    Not sure what firmware I have.

    the Temp reads ***

    I guess what I need to know is can it be fix or not. Do I need a new probe? I have other thing that where damage in the power surge that my insurance is replacing. I need to know if this will be one of them. Might be best if someone can talk to be in email or in person. I have emailed already but it dejavu1055@comcast.net

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    Are you 100% shure you use the correct conection?? the lower one??
    Make shure this is right.
    If yes, I think you need a new temp. probe.

    greetings Piet

    you can see your firmware version on startup in your display


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