We as forum operators and moderators would like to run a forum which is useful for all users and longterm it shall also make fun to participate here!
In order to keep the forum tidy and effective on a continuing basis several rules are necessary.
If you don't agree with the following rules you shouldn't participate in this forum!
Posts and threads which don't comply with the forum rules will be corrected, deleted, shifted or closed by us without comment.
Furthermore we reserve the right to warn or block users who offend against the rules.

Important: We also won't discuss about our proceeding - please don't send us PMs or emails with questions regarding our proceeding - they will not be answered!

1. The forum deals exclusively with products of GHL and general questions regarding aquaristics, terraristics and ponds.
Other questions, answers or links are not allowed, particularly the following:
- Inappropriate contents for minors (pornography, videos depicting violence etc.)
- Political, racist and violence-glorifying contents
- Religious and ideological topics
- Illegal contents
- Promotion and spam
2. Be kind to each other and to the moderators!
Here is no place for insults, snide comments and impolite words. We expect a cultivated and polite conversation as it should be usual among adults.
We won't acceppt provocative, aggressive or unobjective posts!
3. No support or warranty handling via PM or email!
Due to organizational reasons we are not able to offer support via PM or email. Please don't send a PM or an email with questions about operating or warranties, they can't be answered.
4. Write detailed and understandable
Keep your articles as precise but also as short as possible. Questions can only be answered effectively if all relevant information is mentioned.
Here belong e.g. the exact information about the hardware, the firmware version or the PC software version.
The question should be expressed in a way that no or only few enquiries are necessary for the reply.
General questions such as e.g. "Why does my lamp not dim?" can't be answered.
5. No multiple postings and a little patience
The users and moderators try always to reply as soon as possible, however a quick answer is not always possible.
In several cases there will also be no answer for a question. Also if you ask repeatedly or take up again a thread will not change that.
Posts which only take up again a thread ("bumps") will be deleted.
6. Stick to the topic
Please don't wander from the subject. If you would like to mention something which doesn't exactly belong to the original topic, then please search for a corresponding thread or open a new thread.
7. Please use the search function first
A lot of questions have already been posted and answered, in case of several thousand posts a question can of course already be answered.
It takes a lot of precious time for all involved to answer always the same questions, furthermore the forum gets confusing.
8. Post in the correct topic section
The forum is subdivided in several topics. Please search the subject section for a new thread which is suited best.
9. No processing of complaints
Here, no complaints will be handled. Instead contact your retailer or GHL directly resp. use the ticket system.
10. Pay attention to legibility
Several texts can only be read and understood with efforts, this makes it not easy to reply. You should strive towards formulation and formatting as well as spelling, word order, grammar and writing in lower case/ upper case letters.
11. Select an adequate title
If you describe the problem briefly and concisely, then a quick answer is likely. Furthermore other users with the same question will find the subject faster.
Regarding the title please pay also attention to the spelling. Multiple letters, punctuation marks and upper case letters have to be avoided, e.g. in titles like "Temperature?" or "HELP !!!".
12. Don't ask several questions in one post
This will make it difficult to answer and to assign the post topically. In case of several questions which are independent from one another please open several threads.
13. Stick to facts
There are from time to time moments where we all have to vent our anger - but please not here in the forum! Then better sleep a night over it first.
To describe problems as a matter of fact and to express criticism is absolutely legitimate and also desired, general frustration posts however are completely unnecessary.
14. Post no personal data
Personal data such as e.g. name, e-mail address, phone number or addresses are completely out of place in a public forum, we will delete such details immediately.
For contacting there are the PMs.
15. We, the moderators and forum operators explicitely don't take over any liability for the posts!
Although we collaborate regularly in the forum, we can't exclude, due to the huge number of posts that posts include objectively false contents or that they offend against legal regulations (e.g. copy right).

(c) GHL Matthias Groß GmbH & Co. KG
The usage of these rules by third parties (also in extracts) is only permitted after written approval through the GHL Matthias Groß GmbH & Co. KG.