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Thema: filter jumps into mode "auto-off" intermediately

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    We can't reproduce this problem here. We have tested this on our EHEIM filter and there is no problem with the AutoOff...

    I've forced our filter into AutoOff by setting no waves at 100% until the ProfiLux reported ***. Then I've activated sine waves again (range 1%..100%, 60s) and there was no problem.
    like i said i offerd you to sent you my eheim pomp so you can test all you want.
    my pump is runing at 30% and it's working. when i raise it to 50% the pump goes into auto off and will not respond to "go to 30%"
    that will takes some time, (power off and power on will help).

    i guess it was a waste of money to pre-order and buy the eheim controller.
    i will go back to off/on with feeding pause

    thanks for youre time.

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    Sorry, but I don't understand your post.

    Do you need to remove the power of the filter to get out of this mode?
    I'm sure you don't forgot to save the changed flow value at PLC.
    Are you sure the filter isn't running in calibration (green LEDs running up and down on the filter) after you set the Filter to 50%?
    If a constant flow (no waves) set up for the EHEIM the flow is only transmitted every minute - if the flow was not changed.


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