-The dimming of the light bars resp. of the ballast(s) takes place solely via the control cable and not via the power supply.
The control cable has to be connected to the ProfiLux Computer (1-10V interface) which dims the illumination by outputs of the corresponding control signals.
-Here, 1V means little light and 10 V full light intensity. In case of 0 V, the ballast switches not off completely so that the light bar still shines slightly. To shut off the light completely a cut of the power supply (shut-off) is necessary.
-In contrast to the GHL-light bars, third-party products usually don’t provide an internal shut-off. As a consequence, you need an additional external shut-off of the power supply.

To connect the third-party product to the ProfiLux computer there are several options:

1. LBF-AP (Control board to connect third-party light bars)
-Connects the light bar control cable with the ProfiLux computer. The wires of the light bar control cable are screwed into the LBF-AP. Afterwards the LBF-AP is connected with the Western cable to the ProfiLux computer.
-To one LBF-AP you can connect max. two light bar control lines to the ProfiLux Computer.
-The interruption of the power supply can be done either through a correspondingly programmed switchable socket bar in which you plug the power plug of the light bar or through an additional timer or manually.

2. LF-ABOX (Control box third-party light bar)

-Connects the light bar with the ProfiLux computer by plugging the wires of the light bar control cable with the provided adapter part in the LF-ABOX. Before, the wires of the light bar control cable are screwed into the
adapter part. Afterwards the light bar control cable can be connected to ProfiLux via the provided Western cable.
-The power connection cable of the light bar is put into the socket of the LF-ABOX.
-The interruption of the power supply can be done through the ProfiLux Computer that way.
-In contrast to the LBF-AP, to LF-ABOX you can connect only one light bar to the ProfiLux Computer.

3. EVG-AP 1F/2F (Control board for electronic ballasts 1 tube/2 tubes)
- Version 1F: for 1 ballast (or ballast group)
- Version 2F: for 2 ballasts (or ballast groups)
- Connects the ballast(s) with the ProfiLux Computer. Detailed technical installation instructions can be found following this link: