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Thema: Eheim-Controller II

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    Standard Eheim-Controller II

    Yesterday I received my Eheim controller (S/N 1011PL-0749018 or 1011058018). The same day I have installed it. But unfortunately it doesn't work.

    1. When I insert the Eheim USB-cable into the filter, the filter (2074, received june 2010) stops after a few seconds and shows running green lights plus the red one lights up once in a while. The yellow LED on the controller flashes frequently, the green LED keeps litting (when the USB-plug isn’t pushed in completely as advised by Matthias on December 12th). It looks like there is some kind of communication;
    2. When I disconnect the USB-cable the red LED on the filter clears /goes out;
    3. It doesn’t matter if the View II is connected but when it is, the View II displays 'Error: 2';
    4. To restart the filter, the power must be shut off first..
    5. Das Eheim ‘Häkchen’ (what’s the English word for it?) in PLC can be cleared and saved.
    6. On the PL3 FW version 5.05f is running and PLC is used.

    I suppose the FW-version of the controller is v1.01. I connected it to my PC and started the flash-tool. Then it says 'Hex file': 'Eheim....v101.mhx'. So I think this means the currently installed FW-version. Is this really the case?

    I tried to update the FW to be sure, but it will not update. ‘Error!! 001’ it says. Of course I’ve read the firmware update instructions more than ones… What am I doing wrong?

    I can't check the FW-version of the filter. I don't have the original Eheim interface unit. I bought this filter when GHL announced the Eheim controller (so the cooperation between Eheim and GHL does work). Now it’s time to have the controller also working…

    I've followed the latest Eheim threads. But it looks that this problem isn't reported yet.

    Are there any ideas how to get it fixed?

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    You've got an PM

    It seems the firmware isn't the actual one.

    You must connect the black cable to the PC and the EC, the white cable to EC and ProfiLux. Otherwise the EC don't get it's supply voltage.
    Geändert von GHL Support (23.12.2010 um 14:45 Uhr)


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