We are often asked which level sensors shall be used for a certain application.

These sensors are available:
- Optical sensor
- Floater
- Contactless sensor

ProfiLux offers these options:
- Auto Top Off with one sensor
- Auto Top Off with two sensors (min and max)
- Automatic Water Change
- Leakage detection

Optical sensors and Floaters can generally be used for all applications, though the optical sensors are a bit more non-sensitive concerning soiling.

The contactless sensors have the advantage that they can be located outside the tank (they measure through the glass) and therefore are protected from soiling. Another advantage is the simple mounting (you stick it from the outside) and that you have no disturbing cables inside the aquarium. The disadvantage of this kind of sensor is that already a little amount of water is registrated as level, e.g. splash water which is running down the glass. Already a moist glass will activate the contactless sensor.
That is why the contactless sensor is not suited if the glass above the water surface is permanently moist or polluted. So the application in a skimmer is not possible.
The contactless sensors are not suited for the Automatic Water Change, since the glass remains moist during the water change also above the water level, so the sensor would registrate a water level.
Whereas for the Auto Top Off and Leakage detection the sensor is ideally suited.