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    OK so just to confirm, the Profilux by itself has no way of sending an email if the power goes out??? So the Profilux dosnt have any internal power Supply.

    Any question, does the SMS module have an alarm? I.e if i was asleep and the power went off, would the SMS module make any noise?


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    if you want your P3 to send email when the power goes down you need to add it to a UPS ( don't forget to also add your router/cable modem to the ups)

    But currently the P3 doesn't even 'know' that the power goes down, since its on a UPS it will never go down anymore. But as I said early the ups is not enough , it needs to have a 'power down' trigger.

    PS: the sms module knows the Power goes down because the sms module has a battery.

    I once wrote this thing about getting the P3 to detect power failures:
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