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Thread: Aquaray & moonlight simulation

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    Default Moonlight simulation

    Is there a way to get the illumination brightness go down to 0% with the moonlight simulation (at new moon phase when there is practically no moon)? The lowest I am able to go is 3%.

    My setup:
    Profilux 3ex
    Profilux LED controller-1
    Aquaray 100.

    My settings:
    Illumination 1 - set to 10% between 8:30PM - 6:30AM
    Illumination 2 - set to 15% between 8:30PM - 6:30AM
    Both channels are set to moonlight simulation.

    Moonlight simulation is set to 8:29PM-6:31AM

    L5 - set to illumination 1
    L6 - set to illumination 2
    and yet, both L5 & L6 stay at 3% between 8:30PM - 6:30AM.

    The way I read the manual, they should be at different level since the moonlight simulation is calculated as moonbrightness%*max brightness at the relevalnt time.
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    The minimal value for the moon phase simulation is 3%. There is no way at the moment to get 0% with the moon phase simulation.

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    Do you consider this limitation as a bug?
    3% seems to be rather high for moonlight, I would have expected 3% to be the brightest light in full moon.

    Also, when I have changed the ranges to:
    - L5,L6 to be 0V - 10V
    - Illumination 2 to be at 60% brightness at night
    The moonlight intensity stays at 0% for both channels.

    Am I the only one experiencing these issues?

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