I just moved to Apple as my home computer after years of pain with Windows.

My Profilux Control with WLAN card worked find on my Windows XP all the last months (since I worked it out how to integrate the WLAN card into my network) and it took me some time to figure it out how to use it on a mac. As there are others who may have troubles, I would like to share my solution.

Base is a new iMac with German OS X 10.5.6 and Parallels Desktop 4.0 and Windows XP SP3. The access in the Mac OS X with the Safari browser to the WLAN card worked fine by typing the IP of the card, I could read and write all parameters. When using Windows with Internet Explorer 7.0 and doing the same, I saw the card but no parameters. Also connecting with Profilux Control 4.0.5 did not worked.

The reason for this is that Kaspersky Firewall of the Paralells installation is blocking the port. → Open the Parallels Internet Security Protection in Windows XP → Setting (down below in the corner) → Protection → Firewall → Filtersystem activation → Settings: Here you need to add Application and select there Profilux Control. Now you need to add the rule: open incoming and outgoing TCP for Port 10001 , 80 → OK → OK → apply.

Restart Profilux Control and connect, it should work now.

It took me just the last 2 days to figure this out, 1/2 the time I used to get the WLAN card going when I initially set up my fish tank in 2007 ☺