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Thread: No more 3G problem

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    Default No more 3G problem

    I have corals farm an i have 3 sms modules in my farm and before 2 days my cellular company aborted the 3G and 2G network and because of that my modules stopped working always searching for network “flashing red quickly”. I contacted my cellular company the sayed no more 3G and 2G support just 4G and 5G.
    What can i do to fix that?
    Maybe we can upgrade the modules to 4G connection?

    It is very important to me to have the sms modules working.


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    It is not just a drop-in replacement of the GSM module. All is different, footprint, pin assignments, socket, and of course the firmware in our host CPU.

    We are very sorry, but an "upgrade" is just impossible.

    Due to the very minimal demand it is not possible to develop a complete new device from ground up and then we sell maybe a dozen per year. These devices would have to cost thousands of $$$ to make the investment worth it, but who would buy it then?

    We also can only really recommend to use a standard gateway.

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