The profilux pump groups options are very extensive and advanced. However, what I am trying to do is very simple, and with the many options and thought that went into the current interface design, it isn't very clear to me how to set up the pump correctly. What I want:
- Before set time (say 15:00), the pump is off
- At set time, the pump starts from minimum (which will be 0%)
- After a specific period (say 30min) the pump should be at the maximum (which will be say 40%)
- After this period the pump turns off.

An even simpler program would be to have the pump run continuously at the same low percentage (say 10%) for a set period at a specific time point.

I am sure this is very simple, so hopefully someone can clarify. Also I would presume such a simple design could be very intuitive to set up with the graph by dragging the points to the times and intensities required and that's it?

Also, is there a way to test the pump intensity, such as by typing a pump intensity value and the pump reacting directly?

Many thanks