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Thread: Can't connect to Profilux 4 after 5.02 FW upgrade

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    Default Can't connect to Profilux 4 after 5.02 FW upgrade

    Since the upgrade to 5.02 FW, my Profilux 4 no longer shows in my router DHCP client table. I did not make any change in the routers settings.

    The Profilux 4 is connected to the router using a network cable and i can access the profilux 4 from my laptop wirelessly no problem, but as it has no IP i cant get the webserver up.
    undertale yellow
    under LAN setting in the "System" tab on profilux control its set to obtain IP address automatically which is fine and i have put my external IP address in the external IP address field but that didnt change anything
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    I see several inconsistencies here.
    The ProfiLux 4 has no Ethernet LAN port.
    The ProfiLux 4 cannot work with firmware as old as 5.02.
    The ProfiLux 4 has a WiFi ESP module that handles everything network-related and it has its own firmware independent of the ProfiLux firmware.
    Can you clarify?
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