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Thread: different illumination profiles for individual LX7 lights

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    Default different illumination profiles for individual LX7 lights

    Hi, I have a Profilux 4 controlling 4x Mitras LX7 lights. I would like to set up a different illumination profile for the 4 lights so that the 2 lights on the left side of the aquarium would be dimmer and the 2 lights on the right side of the aquarium would be brighter. Is there any way for me to do this in the GHL Connect App? I can currently only see the ability to set up all 4 lights on the same illumination setting.
    Many thanks in advance for feedback.

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    No, all 4 LX will follow the same program, BUT:

    -> It is possible to define an offset in the execution of the illumination program, in order to create a sunrise/sunset effect, using the "Time difference to master" parameter on the "General" page of the Mitras LX itself.
    The same applies to the "Simulation" page for cloud simulation.
    -> For your specific needs, the solution is to modify the energy parameters and reduce the maximum output power on the Mitras LX itself.

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