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Thread: GHL Connect App Losing Local Connection

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    Default GHL Connect App Losing Local Connection

    Hello guys,
    I’m having an issue where the app on iOS 15 isn’t saving the local connections after adding them multiple times. They add just fine, but when I close the app and go back in they disappear and have to set it up all over again to see the readings. Also, I’m only having difficulty connecting to my KHD stand alone doser via app myGHL. The P4 connects just fine through the app on myGHL.
    Does anyone have any insight on a fix or does the app need to be fixed? I made sure it was up to date and it is. Thank you.

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    I just checked with iOS 15.8.2 and GHL Connect 3.26.6 and I don't see this problem.

    Have you tried reinstalling the application completely?

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