A similar question to one previously asked, but different so apologies if anyone thinks this is a duplicate..

I have a 6E powerbar with most (but not all) sockets assigned. I need all 6 sockets in a different location (the other side of a wall) to be assigned to control different devices and I have an old 5.1 Powerbar spare which I will use to switch the devices the 6E currently controls.

Physically I need the 5.1 powerbar closest to my Profilux 4 so that's the first PAB connection and I will connect the 6E to it via a PAB cable through a hole in a wall.

What happens to the socket assignments if I simply plug the 5.1 into my Profilux P4 and the 6E into the vacant PAB socket on the 5.1? Do the assigned socket numbers on the 6E transfer to the 5.1 or remain assigned on the 6E? Can I backup the 6E settings and restore onto the 5.1 somehow or is there a clean way to simply wipe all the socket assignments and start all over?