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Thread: Adding a second PH probe for my calcium reactor

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    Default Adding a second PH probe for my calcium reactor

    I want to add a second PH probe to control my calcium reactor. I have the Industrial line controler? There are multiple Expansion slots to choose from CondS - PH and CondF - PH.



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    Hi David,

    Yes, there are a few EXP card options available. Which one you choose really depends on whether you need the conductivity (pH/Redox-Cond) input, Digital Temp (pH/Redox-DigTemp) input or Level (pH/Redox-2Level) input.

    Personally, I would do the PLM-pH/Redox-2Level card because the included level input gives you the flexibility to add additional level sensors such as float, optical, flow or leak. This becomes especially useful if the Level inputs on your ProfiLux IL are being used.
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