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Thread: Maximum resource capacity Profilux 4 with heaters

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    I'm looking to build a mesocosmos of 40 aquaria, but am having trouble understanding what is the best approach. Here are some questions I have:

    1. I will need temperature sensors and heaters for 40 aquaria (one each). There's no need for cooling units because the water pouring into the aquaria is colder than our temp targets. The powerbars have 6 sockets each, how many can I connect to one controller?

    2. Which temperature sensor would be most appropriate?

    3. I saw an intro to pump groups, would it be possible to group heaters as well? Do you know of any heater/build to help achieve this purpose?

    4. (Optional) We already have lights installed, but if we were to include lights in the build, what would we need to change?

    All the best,

    Thank you!

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    Hello Caroline,

    ProfiLux can manage up to 32 sensors, 64 switchable channels and 32 lighting channels.

    For your project, if you need 40 temperature sensors, you'll need at least 2 ProfiLux.

    Not to mention our industrial line, we have 2 ProfiLux models that can handle multiple temperature sensors.
    The ProfiLux 4 and the ProfiLux 4e.
    The ProfiLux 4e is identical to the ProfiLux 4, but does not have conductivity, pH and ORP (redox) ports, and does not have ports for Powerbar STDL-4 (but does manage Powerbar PAB).

    The ProfiLux, without add-on, allows connection of only one temperature sensor; to add another temperature sensor, you need to add an expansion board.
    It is possible to add 2 expansion cards directly to a ProfiLux.
    The expansion box has one temperature port and allows 4 cards to be added.
    So you'll need at least 7 Expansion Boxes and 31 temperature expansion cards.
    One temperature sensor is supplied with ProfiLux, so you'll need 38 more.

    You can then add the necessary Powerbars to obtain the desired number of switchable sockets.
    There are 2 types of Powerbar, "STDL-4" with 4 sockets or "6e PAB" with 6 sockets.
    STLL-4 Powerbars connect directly to the ProfiLux, and the ProfiLux can handle 2 directly. PAB Powerbars are daisy-chained to the PAB port.
    The maximum number of PAB devices (Powerbar, Expansion Box, Dosers, etc.) is 32 per ProfiLux. The maximum distance between each PAB device is 100m.

    Regarding lighting, it all depends on your needs: simple ON-OFF or dimmable lighting, whether or not you need individual settings for each aquarium, and finally whether or not you need to be able to adjust color/spectrum.

    Not to mention the lighting you'll need for your project:
    2 Profilux:
    7 Expansion Box:
    31 temperature expansion cards:
    38 digital temperature sensors:
    4 Powerbar 6E PAB:
    4 Powerbar STDL-4:
    11 PAB cables


    2 Profilux 4e:
    7 Expansion Box:
    31 temperature expansion cards:
    38 digital temperature sensors:
    7 Powerbar 6E PAB:
    14 PAB cables

    Or I also recommend our industrial line:
    7 basic housing:
    2 Profilux IL:
    7 Expansion Box IL:
    7 Powerbar C13 IL:
    or 7 Powerhub 1 IL:
    2 GHL Logo Frontpanel IL
    2 Blanking panel IL 10U:
    3 Blanking panel IL 8U:
    3 Blanking panel IL 5U:
    5 Blanking panel IL 4U:
    31 temperature expansion cards:
    38 digital temperature sensors:
    14 PAB cables

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