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Thread: Moonlight - restarting after long shutdown

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    Frage Moonlight - restarting after long shutdown

    My Mitras LX 7206 have been in storage for nearly two years so they are probably due some updates (Firmware 1.11 07/10/219). Even so they work and I can adjust the intensities, spectrums and times via the App and GCC there's no issue with WiFi connection or other functionality I can see.

    Except.... Moon light. Both basic and Advanced options are 'greyed out'. Using GCC I can adjust the start and end time in Basic (which despite being greyed out works) and the full moon date in advanced shows 22/12/2018 - a date I can't change. I can't turn Basic Off or Advanced on or change brightness, but I can use the illumination channels to change which lights are operated by the (inaccessible) moonlight function - so in practice I can turn it off.

    Obviously I must be doing something wrong, but what?

    Any ideas?


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    Hello Mark,

    This is normal, the advanced moonlight functions are only available when MitrasLX is used together with ProfiLux.

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