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Thread: Profilux 4 is "frosen" after connection to new PC Windows 11

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    Default Profilux 4 is "frosen" after connection to new PC Windows 11

    I have been using Profilux 4 since the launch of this product.

    Recently I replaced my PC with a new one. From now on I cannot connect Profilux 4 to the new PC. When I plug the USB plug into the socket on my new personal computer, the Profilux "freezes" and stops working. Disconnecting the Profilux from the power supply and turning it back on does not improve anything. Only by disconnecting the USB cable from the PC does my Profilux 4 restart.
    Please let me know how to solve this problem.

    My Profilux 4 still works fine when connected to my old PC.
    Profilux 4 Firmware 7.36
    GHL Control Center V1147

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    please see point "10. ProfiLux screen freezes when USB cable is connected"

    The solution is to add a USB hub between the PC and the ProfiLux.

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    It seems that the "hub" solution is working.

    I have a small suggestion. If you know that there is a problem with the "hub" please add into the next firmware some bug solution to solve this problem inside Profilux without any hub connection.

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