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    Hi guys,

    I know this feature has been around for a while but I'm yet to understand how it works,

    when calibrating we enter the calibrated flow, then underneath it states desired flow. how does this work? can you slow the dose down? the reason asking the question is I'm dosing Kalk with a maxi doser on the slowest setting 0 and I only have 8 times I can dose as I don't have a P4. I would like the dose to be even slower if possible so 650ml can be spread across 2 hour intervals. as I start dosing at 18:00 through to 8:00 in 2 hour intervals, if I enter a lower flow in the desired flow rate will it spread out the dose based on the set desired flow? struggling to find anything online explaining the point of desired flow or how it works? any help would be appreciated.

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    Desired flow is primarily intended for those who wish to use "Continuous mode". Changing the desired flow will run the motor even slower than the set speed. For instance, if you have the pump set to speed (0) with a flow rate of 4ml/min, you can set the desired flow to 2ml/min and the motor will run at half the usual speed therefore giving you 2ml/min.
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