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Thread: Advice - Best light spectrum for freshwater planted tank

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    Default Advice - Best light spectrum for freshwater planted tank

    Hi, guys:

    I have a 1500L freshwater planted tank (230*80*80), with 25 discus and low demanding plants, Microsorum’s, Bolbitis and Anubias.

    Profilux 4 with Temp, Ph, ORP e Conductivity probes.

    Installed 2 Mitras LX7006 recently and been playing with the light spectrum.

    Don´t have a PC, so can´t use the GHL Control Center and test the Light Composer Projects.

    I’ not completely happy with my current Multichannel Setup:

    • Sky white 70%
    • Neutral white 85%
    • Cool white 70%
    • Red 100%
    • True green 100%
    • Hyper red 90%
    • Yellow 100%
    • Royal Blue 90%
    • Blue 90%

    Looks nice, but without the WOW factor I was expecting from Mitras.

    Also, a lot of surface agitation shadows at the bottom and glass, probably need a third lamp.

    Any advice from you guys about the best light settings for this tank would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I think you should adjust the colored channels. For low demanding plants and to bring out the vibrant colors of your discus, you can slightly decrease the Red, True green, Hyper red, and Yellow channels to around 80% or 90%. This adjustment will help prevent oversaturation and create a more realistic color representation.

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