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Thread: DCF77 receiver module with ProfiLux 4e

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    Default DCF77 receiver module with ProfiLux 4e

    I’d like to treat my aquarium fish & plants to atomic clock time precision.

    On GHL website the DCF77 receiver module can be found listed among ProfiLux accessories.
    Products / ProfiLux Accessories / DCF-Radio-Controlled Clock Receiver

    However, the referred web page doesn’t exist.
    “Oops! That page can’t be found.”

    E-shop searches for:
    DCF receiver” or “DCF Empfänger
    Only get converted to search for “Dosierpumpenschlauch”.

    Looking to have the DCF receiver integrated with ProfiLux 4e.

    Any clue about how this DCF77 receiver can be ordered?

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