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Thread: KH Director Sounds like a 747 and Profilux connection issue

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    Default KH Director Sounds like a 747 and Profilux connection issue


    2 problems that I'm trying to resolve on my KH Director:

    1)Over the last few months my KHD has been getting louder and louder upon operation, nearly sounding like a 747 taking off. It still completes testing but vibrates the entire equipment cabinet and I can hear it from the other rooms in the house. See video attached.

    2) I can only establish a connection on the GHL App on my phone when I'm on the same wireless network as the ProFilux. If I try to pull it up when I'm at work I get an error that says "network connection failed"

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    For point 1, please open a support ticket at (Guest login) and attach the video. (facebook messenger links cannot be shared like this)

    For point no. 2, it's normal, local connections only work when you're connected to your network. To access your device from the Internet, you need a myGHL connection:

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