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Thread: Reefer XL425 - Mitras lx7204 - settings :/

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    Ausrufezeichen Reefer XL425 - Mitras lx7204 - settings :/

    I have been reefing for 17 years, and mu current setup is 4 yesrs Old.

    Reefer Xl425
    Mitras lx 7204 - x3
    Nero5 - x2
    Royal Exclusive double cone Skimmer

    - always run High salt 1.026+

    Earlier setup with lx6100/6200 my sps was Crazy growing and all was Great.

    With my current setup, i am constant struggeling to make the sps polyp Come out.
    My Lps are going good, Acans, torches, zoas etc grows Great.

    It seems like my sps are In a State, with little or No polypExpansion - which i have never tried before, with my lx6100/6200 lamps.

    My lamps are, because i want low light spill into livingroom, mounted 25cm over water.
    Powermanagement is set to 100% on all channels
    Output is set to 100% In energy managment.

    In multichannelsetup the power is set to 60% only
    And the sliders are giving 55% poweroutput totally from 11-21 every day
    Plus 1 hour ramp up/Down

    Lamp settings In the 10hour period is

    Blue 100%
    Royal 100%
    Cool White 20%
    Blue White 40%
    Green 28%
    Red 16%
    Sky White 20%
    UV 75%
    HV 100%

    My concern was that i burned the Lps - and Thats the Reason for the low output totally.

    My parameters are normally run by manually test
    Kh 7,5-8
    Ca 420-450
    Mg 1300-1400
    Po4 0.02-0.04
    No3 3-5

    All for Reef is used - switched from 3 part balling about 1 Year ago.
    And without any difference.

    As mentioned - my many years of reefing have lerned me alot, But this setup Im very **********, why sos dont trive like the earlier setups.

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    I would change the settings as follows.
    Multichannel setup 80%
    Cold white 100%
    Blue white 80%
    Red 30%
    Sky white 50%
    HV 75%
    Use the acclimatization for the changeover
    So you have a little less energetic light, but more "total brightness".
    If it is too bright, reduce the value in the multichannel setup

    regards Pit

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