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Thread: Mitras 7206 and Profilux 4 not conect

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    Default Mitras 7206 and Profilux 4 not conect


    I have a profilux 4 and a Mitras 7206 in slave mode that worked connected to each other through the PWC card without problems.

    For two days the connection between them has failed, profilux sends commands to the Mitras but it is in slave mode, it does not respond, however if I act on the Mitras and change several times between slave and master, they finally connect, although after several hours they are disconnect.

    The firmware are the latest available on both devices including the PWC

    Could it be a software glitch? an interference in the PWC?

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    It sounds like there may be interference with the channel being used to communicate with the Mitras. Please change the channel to another number by going to the P4's SYSTEM page and viewing the list of connected Expansion Cards. Press the gear icon and change the channel number. Do the same on the slave LX7 and save settings.
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