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Thread: GHL kh director with SA doser 2.1 and maxi SA 2.2 doser

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    Default GHL kh director with SA doser 2.1 and maxi SA 2.2 doser

    I am new with GHL.
    My question is-is it possible to feed calcium reactor with maxi doser 2.2 on continuous dose?
    Will my kh director with SA doser 2.1 adjust continuous dosing acording to kh readings?

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    Hi Giedrius,

    I replied to your same question in another thread. Here is that reply:

    Yes, you can use the 2.2 Maxi on continuous mode to feed a calcium reactor.

    The KH Director can auto-adjust any existing dose schedule from a Doser 2.1. It cannot however, auto-adjust if the same pump head will be on continuous mode. This is not recommended as corals do not consume an equal amount of KH on an hourly basis.
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