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Thread: Flow sensor and Programable logic

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    Default Flow sensor and Programable logic

    Good morning

    I need help to program the following logical function in the Profilux

    I have the skimmer connected to socket 4, which must be disconnected for four hours a day. This time function is simple and clear to me, but I also need the logical operator OR to disconnect the skimmer if the flow sensor indicates zero or goes into alarm status.

    This last condition based on the flow sensor cannot be applied? I can't find the way to do it

    If possible please tell me how to do it

    Thank you

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    It is not possible at the moment.
    You are not the first to ask, it is in the list of things to add.
    In the meantime, the only thing you can do is to use the General alarm function, but it will trigger for any alarm, not only the ones related to the flow sensor.

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    Ok, Thanks

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