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Thread: Sensor at 33%, how can i Purchase a new one?

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    I'm wondering if the price of the premium sensor will drop to that of the standard and in fact the standard will fall away. I don't think anybody when purchasing the IOND thought the running costs would be this high. Compared to the KH director as a benchmark the probe is 4x more expensive not to mention the reference fluids and reference check fluids. And with shorter life span intervals there is the period of sensor degradation when the user then begins to question results and their own sanity. I hope GHL can resolve this probe quality and cost issue. As was mentioned in the thread above it's not always worthwhile to be an earlier adopter and fund the R&D as the device works out its kinks.

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    Hello, checking if there is a new ETA for the availability of the ION sensor?

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    Hello Christophe,

    As already wrote, as soon as we have concrete information about availability, we will announce this officially and offer the sensors again in our store.

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