First shipments and introductory discount

We are pleased to announce that our new Versia pumps and Versia controllers will be shipping soon.

  • The shipments will start from Germany on Jan. 09 2023.
  • There is an introductory discount of 15% on all Versia products for pre-orders until Jan. 02. 2023.
  • Only while stocks lasts, once the available quantities have been pre-ordered unfortunately no more pre-orders can be accepted.
  • This special offer is only valid for GHL Germany, GHL USA will announce a modified and independent Versia promotion.
  • Due to limited quantities, all Versia products will initially only be available through GHL Stores (Germany and USA).
  • As soon as the next batches are available, all Versia products will also be offered through retailers.

This offer is valid for all Versia products and includes the Versia Starter-Set (2x DC stream pumps Versia Stream + Versia-Controller): 237,90 EUR only, instead 279,90 EUR (incl. VAT Germany, excl. shipping).

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