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Thread: "Light scenarios" tile not available on IOS devices and other issues

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    Default "Light scenarios" tile not available on IOS devices and other issues


    I can add and use "Light scenarios" tile when using GHL Connect from my PC, it works fine on Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10/11.
    However, I have seen some issues when using GHL Connect from Apple IOS devices through the GHL Connect app:

    - background of buttons is not shown in blue anymore when the option is enabled; it's shown in white. This issue has been reported yet.
    - from some days ago, "Maintenance" tile is only showing one button. In order to display the 4 buttons I need to resize it to 2 rows instead of 1 row.
    - when adding tiles, "Light scenarios" is not available on the list. Also, the option is missing under the Illumination menu. This is the most annoying issue as long as I cannot switch "scenarios" from my mobile and I must use a laptop.

    I have updated Profilux 4 to the latest firmware (7.32), no changes.

    I have seen these issues accessing Profilux as local device and also through the MyGHL cloud.

    How can I enable "Light scenarios"? Or is it a bug and I must wait for a fix?


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    The WebKit component used by the app has changed with the iOS 16 update, causing display issues.
    Unfortunately, there is no official fix from Apple yet and GHL team has not yet found a way to fix it without significant modifications of app.
    GHL team is still working to resolve this issue.

    In the meantime, it is possible to use with Safari app.

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