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Thread: New Build Help 7204 or 7206

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    Default New Build Help 7204 or 7206

    Starting a new build on 60” x 24” x24” and need to decide on light options. Plan on softies and easy to grow corals

    I have one 7204 that is on a 40 gallon tank that I would like to repurpose.

    Would adding two more 7204 be sufficient? For a total of 3 7204.

    Any other combinations - 1 7206 and two 7204 or 2 7206?

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    You could use 7204 units if you wanted to. Each one covers about 24" x 24" so with 3 units, that will get you enough coverage and light intensity for softies.

    Another option would be what you suggested; 1x 7206 and 2x 7204 or 2x 7206.
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