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Thread: Problem connecting LX6200 via USB (no com port showing)

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    Default Problem connecting LX6200 via USB (no com port showing)

    I have never been able to connect via USB to one of my LX 6200 HV. I don't have the same problem with any of the other LX6200 lights (so it should not be computer/cable related).
    I can hear a ping from the computer, and see a reload in the device manager, but still no USB under "Ports (COM and LPT)". I have tried to set the lamp in programming mode (emergency update) - hear the same ping, but no USB Com port is showing. I can't see any visible damages to the USB port. Just to be sure I tried on 3 other lights I have, without any issues. Everything works on them.

    Any suggestions on how to solve this?

    I know the P3 have a few pins you can switch for programing, but can't find anything like that on the Mitras (if GHL forgot to shift something before the lamp left the factory).

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    Try a different USB cable or a different USB port.

    If the goal is to have the P3 control your LX6, you can switch the light to slave mode using the on-board touch keys. A PLM-PWC card will have to be installed inside the P3 to do this.
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