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Thread: Dimmable spots or floodlights

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    Today i was playing around with different light sources on my aquarium.
    I have smd5050 led bands 6000k that are on the profilux 3.1 by the led4active V2 controller, that works fine and is perfectly controlable and dimmable on the profilux.

    Now i just put 2 floodlights on top 6500k. The light is amazing, the one strong bundle of light creates an amazing effect of high light intensity on 1 spot and shadows elsewhere.

    I was wondering, does it exist? A dimmable floodlight or spot that is controlable by the profilux system? That creates the same effect?

    I'm curious...

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    I don't have specific recommendations for that kind of light, but as long as the dimmable light supports 1-10V control, the ProfiLux can control it.
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