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Thread: Purchased pre-loved PL-4 can't connect

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    Default Purchased pre-loved PL-4 can't connect

    Hello All,

    I have recently purchased a secondhand PL4 from a fellow reefer and I am unable to make a connection to Control Centre Vers. 1137. I currently have a PL3e running the display.

    Only COM 3 will be recognized with USB connection but it will not progress beyond the "Loading system information ... please wait"

    I am running on a Microsoft Studio 2 with Windows 11 with most recent Microsoft updates.

    Is there some GHL security setting that denies access because it was pre-owned ?

    Thanking you, Tony.

    PS ... I reset to Factory Setting and everything is now in German, how do I get it back to English ?

    Resolved this issue. Managed to connect with a Surface Pro 7+ tablet and make changes. MS Studio still won't allow connection ... might be a McAfee problem ?
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