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However, since I might have picked the wrong sub-forum and I'm not sure there are admins/moderators that can move it, I'll repost it here hoping I can get some support:

I have a few routines controlled through dosing schedules and timers to power on/off certain pumps.

It all happens around 2ish-3ish am in a very carefully timed schedule.

I wonder, when time changes due to summer time, depending on the direction of the change, some processes might be done twice or skipped, or some timed processes with start and end (e.g. ATO enabled only in a certain time range with a timer) might have their start running but their ending not running or the other way around.

How would Profilux 4 handle this? I know about the setting to slowly transition to a new time after a change over several days, but would that simply shift 10 mins everything at the time of DST change, or would it instead accelerate/slow the time speed e.g. adding one second every 2 minutes or so? A simple shift might still break the routine, while a time acceleration/deceleration would probably keep things properly working.

In any case, what's the best way to deal with this?