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Thread: Profilux 4 + Doser 2.1 + ION Director + Deser 2.1

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    Frage Profilux 4 + Doser 2.1 + ION Director + Deser 2.1

    Good morning,
    I need help connecting the Dosing Pump to P4 and ION Director with Dosing Pump. I want to have all devices and their results visible in the Dashboard.

    The ION is connected by a cable to the Doser 2.1.
    The P4 is connected to a second Doser 2.1 pump

    When I go to GHL Connect (Apple iPad) and want to add P4, I enter all the data into the WiFi tip, but it has problems with connection (is it 5g WiFi fault?). Connect via hotspot and enter System shows only one pump out of two, why? After selecting it, I have no option to edit it.

    I also tried to connect to the computer via IP but it did not work.

    And he doesn't even want to think about joining the ION Director?

    Someone has attached such a set and knows how to do it?

    I would be very grateful for your help!

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    Since you have a SA Doser and plan to have the P4 control it, you first needed to set it to slave mode otherwise the P4 cannot control the doser. A master device cannot control another master device. Go back to your PAB page in the P4 settings and press SYSTEM reset to remove this doser from your PAB device list, then disconnect the PAB cable from the SA Doser. Afterwards, connect to your SA Doser via USB or hotspot and set it to slave mode. It would also be good to update all your native SA Doser and P4. Outdated FW will not work with the IOND.

    Once your devices are updated, you can procced with following the IOND setup steps:

    If you continue to have trouble with this, please open a support ticket for 1-on-1 assistance.
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