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Thread: Profilux for Mitra LX6..

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    Default Profilux for Mitra LX6..

    HI, i have been using Mitra lx 6 series for 5 years with USB connect..

    I want to control through my phone. I don't need any other doser/control unit but just lighting control.

    will profilux 3 do the job? any other 20220614_201501.jpg.12b6114c889d4890e959c8a612463ce3.jpg

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    If you get a ProfiLux 3 and install a PLM-PWC card, you will be able to control the LX6 through the ProfiLux. As long as the ProfiLux is connected to the internet, you will also have mobile access.

    The Knowledge Base has a how-to guide for connecting the Mitras LX to a ProfiLux 3 or 4:
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