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Thread: solenoid valves experience ?

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    Default solenoid valves experience ?

    I am planning to use solenoid valves whith Profilux 4 to perform, among others, automatic water changes which implies a sequence of ON/OFF instructions for several solenoid valves and also subject to level sensors status.
    I am thinking about how to achieve this. I guess there are solenoid valves which could be activated / desactivated via Powerbar. But also by controlling them through 0/10V?
    Can you please tell me if any of you use solenoid valves and how did you proceed?/ brand/model of solenoid valves you might be using? any experience here from anyone please?
    Many thanks,

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    Hi Fred,

    You can achieve this by powering a solenoid via a Powerbar socket. Since you will need 2 solenoid values, you will need 2 Powerbar sockets for this task. One socket will have the AWC drain task and the other the AWC fill task. If you have a way to power 1-10V solenoids, you can use the ProfiLux to send signals to open or close the valve.
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