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Thread: My wish list for next APP update

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    Daumen hoch My wish list for next APP update

    Please fix the screen layout so it doesn’t randomly goes into fullscreen mode which is unuseable on any iPhon with speaker and camera in the too center
    ( which would be every iphone ? )

    dark mode on both the app and web server in P4

    fix the graphs and use the graph space better, so the screen is show maximum graph and minimum dual / triple line of info / values

    keep the graph thin as possible

    Ditch the option to double click and delete sensor data
    I fail too see the use of this functionality

    Best regards, ole

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    It is a bit irritating when it goes into full screen mode. I just close the app and reopen it, it only takes about 20 seconds. Granted we shouldn't need to do this though.

    I've deleted plenty of sensor data points. If I've been playing around with my KH or ION director, I don't want to see random spikes and dips that aren't meaningful. I'd prefer to have the option and not use it than to ditch a function altogether.

    My only gripe about the graphs is when I check the history on my ION director it defaults to showing mag and cal so I then need to go back in and deselect one. It's irritating but only a minor inconvenience.


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    Good points

    I haven't thought of it that way, to me sensor data is sort of static, unless I reset


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