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Thread: GHL Programming/API? GHL/Apex differences?

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    Default GHL Programming/API? GHL/Apex differences?

    I am in the process of the design and setup of a 200 gallon reef tank. I need to choose a controller and am looking at GHL and Neptune. From what I've read, I'm leaning towards the GHL. I'm a professional programmer, and one of the reasons I'm leaning towards GHL is I've heard the programming would be more to my liking. I've also seen mention of an API, I may want to write my own code to do more advanced monitoring and control. Is there such an API? What can you do with it? I imagine this is already discussed on this forum, but the search tool won't let me search on the term "API".

    Secondly, can you tell me any specific reasons why I'd prefer GHL over Apex? The vendor I'm working with is pushing me towards Apex, because that's what they know. It would be good if I could justify why I should get GHL.

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    Hi there,

    Users gravitate towards the ProfiLux for the robustness and reliability of the controller. The ProfiLux is for those who appreciate and understand the importance of having a critical component that is designed to last for years. Everything is designed and assembled in-house to ensure the highest quality control standard possible. We have users who are still using our ProfiLux 2 controller and is still going strong even after more than 15 years. Check out the forums for genuine hardware related issues and compare with the other options. Hopefully then it will become clear why reliability is one of the major strengths. Have a look at the warranty periods too and see whose warranty is the longest. I'll give you a's GHL.

    As for programming, this is another area which we do differently. The ProfiLux does not require you to have prior coding knowledge or even learn it. Instead, the controller runs on a custom OS which eliminates this need and instead uses drop-down boxes. To make the setup process more streamlined, we have a variety of how-to videos and articles in our Knowledge Base to guide new and existing users. A quick search there and you'll find the exact setup steps for accomplishing a certain task. Our YouTube channel (GHL Advanced Technology) has videos to give you an idea of what is involved. You can also go to to get a demo tour of the app and cloud-based interface.

    If you're interested in learning more about what makes GHL different, there's an article here which breaks it down:

    If you're on Facebook, you'll also find a community of GHL product owners who are willing and ready to help you through the implementation process.

    Regarding API, this is something we have on our to-do list. It has been requested several times and will become available in the near future as we continue to further develop the feature set of the controller and user interfaces (GCC, app, web interface, myGHL cloud).
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