Our 'Email via GHL server' got a new IP address as part of updating measures.
This means for all ProfiLux 3 users, who use the email notification via GHL-server, that the IP address used must be updated in the SMTP settings.

You can check whether this IP address is up to date with the new server on the P3 email notification page in the GHL Control Center. The new entry should point to If this has not been updated automatically, the standard delivery must first be activated and saved so that the greyed-out IP address in the lower area contains and


Then switch back to sending emails via GHL, save and send a test email. After that, the IP address needs to be updated.

If this does not work as desired, please create a ticket stating the email address used so that we can understand and solve the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

P.S.: This does not affect ProfiLux 4 owners and should work directly.